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Rick and James boarded a brief cruise to Roatan, Honduras, and Cozumel, Mexico, on the Celebrity Millennium.  Click here for a link to our photos!


We enjoyed a fine cruise aboard the Silversea Silver Spirit with Kathy and Dan in late 2010.  Our photos are available online — click on this skiff to see them:




Rick and James went to Miami in March 2009 and enjoyed a great cruise to Key West and Grand Cayman Island.  Click on the below neon martini to see photos from our trip!





Some photos of Fred can be seen by clicking on this wee pup!



In mid-August 2008 we flew to Amsterdam, where we boarded the Celebrity Century for a refreshing journey.  Here is the map of our vacation cruise itinerary:

cruise itinerary   

Click on the above map for a link to our photos.



James has a new pain management specialist who is helping his general comfort by adjusting some medications.  These adjustments are reducing certain side effects, associated with digestion and James's sleep cycles. 

     Click on this cadeucis for an historical review of James's health since his 2005 spinal surgery.




Our driveway project is finished.   Click on the parked cars to see photos of this project.




James quit working at the salon.  His last day was Saturday, 28th July 2007. 



The Sports Page

Fun, but not actually sports news...click on the football player to see what we mean.



The Back Page

This back page has a few other odds and ends for you:


       sleeping James          Sleeping James





scribbled note

"Just  FoR  FuN"



At dinner the other night a waiter surprised us when he delivered a note from a group of businesswomen at the next table.

Scroll over this button and read the tag.  Then click on the alien and see what the waiter delivered.


Tom Cruise feeding on the Earth

And what do YOU think of Tom Cruise?


Click here



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