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Our newest family member

We adopted Fred on October 27th, 2008. 

Fred belonged to a local woman, who decided to give him up for adoption after learning she was going to have a baby. 

Meanwhile, our beloved Norman, who himself was a rescue dog (he joined our family in March of 2002), had been growing increasingly aggressive and unpredictable in his mood swings.  Norman was gentle and loving most of the time, but could turn completely wild and wolf-like if he felt afraid or insecure in a situation.  On October 15th, James was bitten without warning, and he received 11 puncture wounds to both hands.   He was admitted to hospital for four days for antibiotic I.V. treatment.  His hand surgeon feared an infection might develop in James's ligaments and threaten permanent functional damage. Luckily, the swelling subsided, and James was released from hospital on October 20th.  This was the second time that Norman had caused James to seek ER treatment.  A year and a half earlier, James needed 5 stitches to a thumb following a bite from Norman.

Norman was a significant risk to us, our friends, and neighbors.  Fearing what could happen if he ever were to get loose in the neighborhood and, after consultation with our veterinarian as well as with an attorney, we made the most difficult decision to allow him to be euthanized.  His loss to our family is profound.    Our photo tribute to Norman and his life with us can be found here.

Fred is a white standard poodle, who turns four on February 23rd 2011.  He's neither a kisser nor a barker, yet he is extraordinarily animated and energetic.  He loves to jump up and stand on his hind legs, and gaze into a person's eyes.   


Click on the below poster of Fred to see more high-resolution photos of him.


poster of Fred