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Following are some of our favorite hobbies and  pastimes.  They are not listed in any order...        

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About Us:  Our hobbies and interests


Gardening James is a passionate gardener and landscaper, who is never  happier than when is working on the lawn or shrubbery (whether in our yard or in the neighbors'), and caked with soil.  He tends carefully to fertilizers and various pest control measures.

Cars   Rick loves cars; well, O.K., at least he loves fast BMWs and everything about them.  One of his favorite car-related websites is  www.Roadfly.org

Travel   We both are travel hounds, with a penchant for warm, sunny destinations.  We usually wish we had the extra vacation time to accomplish more of it.

Cooking Rick is the chef of the family.  He considers cooking to be the best therapy for treatment of the tensions that develop during one's hectic day.

                                                              Soup pot 

Photography Also needs to be included among our hobbies!

Reading James longs for the spare time to read mystery novels; Dick Francis, Nelson De Mille, and Carl Hiassen are among his favorite authors.  He also enjoys the works of David Sedaris, as well as many books and magazines concerning landscape design.  Rick admits to having a short attention span, and prefers poetry and short stories.   A great website resource is  www.Alibris.com




Giraffes We don't own a live one yet, but we have a growing collection of smaller, inanimate giraffes.  Giraffes created from crystal, silver, wood,  pottery, porcelain, bronze; giraffes depicted in artwork:  oils, engravings, woodcuts; even one fashioned from Lego pieces (thank you, Todd!)  Click here for a few photographs from our collection.

Collecting artwork An ongoing, life-long project for us both.


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Movies / Cinema
We both are eager to watch movies; Rick is a dedicated collector of an embarrassingly large library of classic films, from silent features to film noir to Japanese and German expressionism, and lots more.  James enjoys these when he can sit still long enough.  Perhaps the best Internet resource for movies may be found at www.IMDb.com